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5 Steps to a Thriving Culture


Envision a team thriving in an environment that maximizes productivity, fosters happiness, and sparks innovative solutions. Welcome to our Company Group Program—your journey to a culture that elevates both your team and your success. Let's redefine what's possible together.

If any of these points resonate, it might be time for a transformative change in your team's culture.

  • You recognize the importance of diversity, but currently, your team lacks the varied perspectives that drive innovation.

  • Your company values emphasize diversity, but in the hustle for project goals and deadlines, it often takes a back seat.

  • Entry-level employees champion diversity, but they're already stretched thin, making progress slow and challenging.

  • Talented individuals are leaving, and you're left puzzled, unsure of the reasons behind the departures.

  • Your team has a stellar track record, but you're grappling with unlocking their full potential and extracting the best from each member.

  • Job applications are underwhelming, leaving you questioning if you're attracting the right talent for your team.

  • The business's core values are unclear to the team, leaving them without a clear understanding of what the company stands for

We dissect the intricacies of your business culture, offering insights into your current state and charting the course for where your team should head next.



It's the key to retaining and attracting the right talent to propel your company to new heights

In just 8 weeks you will walk away with...

Clarified Shared Values
You have defined what matters most to your team and pinpointed the principles that should guide decisions and behaviors for optimal fulfillment.  

Clear Company Mission
You can articulate the “why” at the heart of your work to rally employee passion around a shared purpose that they care about.


Exemplary Leadership Model
Learning from businesses that make a cultural impact,  you can adopt best practices for embodying values, inspiring staff, and modeling the change expected from others.

Detailed Current State  
Co-created by a facilitated honest and insightful dialogue across all levels to objectively evaluate strengths vs. pain points of your culture.  

Clear Future Vision  
Leveraging insights gathered to boldly yet pragmatically depict the culture your team want to build; one where every employee feels motivated and supported.

Strategized Roadmap 
With desired outcomes clearly defined, detailed priority areas and an execution plan for incremental yet transformative change.   

Equipped Taskforce
Received guidance on identifying, selecting and preparing passionate taskforce members to champion culture initiatives.

The 5 Steps Program


Assemble the right task force


Create an attraction strategy


The Culture Deep Dive
Embark on a voyage of self-discovery, where we unveil your unique personal value profile. By understanding your leadership style, you'll be strategically positioned to champion diversity initiatives with unwavering confidence.
Your company's or team's values are the compass that guides every aspect of your organization. Gain crystal clarity on how these values can be harnessed to amplify your business's impact.
We'll dive into the heart of your organization's culture. Understand the essence of your current business culture, complete with its strengths and areas demanding immediate attention.


A private, facilitated co-creation session with your team allows the power of collective inspiration. Sharing their needs, aspirations, and desires within an inclusive environment.


A Crafted Action Plan
Craft a precise action plan, with short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. These goals will be seamlessly aligned with your overarching business strategy and values.
Here's how it's delivered to you….

Dive into dynamic 90-minute group mentoring sessions with fellow leaders during Steps 1, 2, and 5. Join the conversation and unlock new insights together! Dive into materials provided in advance, designed for solo exploration or collaboration with your task force.

Experience a focused 120-minute private facilitated session, uniquely combining Steps 3 and 4. For optimal impact, invite up to 8 colleagues from your business to join the discussion.

All sessions seamlessly unfold online via Zoom and dynamic collaboration tools, ensuring a convenient and interactive experience for you and your team.

What's the investment?

£2,499 for a 8-week group program or £3,499 for an in-house day intensive.

Email me to find out more.

What are the requirements for those joining the program?

In a world where alignment with business values is crucial, we're searching for open-minded leaders who understand the importance of hiring the right people for the right roles.

Our ideal candidates are forward-thinking leaders who recognize the power of diversity in fostering innovation, enhancing productivity, and retaining top talent. They're visionary individuals with a commitment to long-term strategies that transform teams.

If you're managing a team or business, hold a position at the c-suite or senior leadership level, or wield substantial influence over your team's direction, you're exactly who we're seeking.


Ready to be a catalyst for change?


Join us and lead the way towards a future of inclusivity, innovation, and lasting success.

Where do I sign up?

If you’ve read the above and it all sounds like what you're needing right now, click the link to book a free 30 minute strategy call.

We'll have a chat about what's going on for you right now and how I can support you, no obligations.


Want some help FOR FREE? Then start taking positive action, join my mailing list and download - 6 Steps for Attracting Diverse Talent to Your Business.



Looking forward to hearing from you.


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