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6 Month Signature Coaching Program

- Get what you want from your life, career and relationships - 

Imagine having boundaries that really work for you. You make the time to do more things you love and Big Decisions can come more easily.

And now I can't wait to work with you to help you the steps to create your best year in a very long time. 

That's why I created my 6 Month 1:1 SIGNATURE PROGRAM 

You are working too hard but you can't seem to say no. You feel stuck and are making the same mistakes over and over. You are working towards targets but you don't feel passionate about them.... something just isn't quite right. 

I share my own experience in transforming my life from engineering director to coach and can give you the tools and space to really align with what lights you up. 

Take a moment to think about about what your life could be like, 6 months from now, when you will know;

  • What career path is aligned who you are

  • You prioritise yourself and what really matters to you 

  • How to ask your partner, friends and colleagues for what you really want

  • How to courageously step forward, without fear of failure

  • How that negative self talk you are telling to yourself is holding you back…. and how to stride past it

Here's how we make it happen


Set Boundaries


Unlock Barriers


Design Your Future
Through a series of exercises you will explore a deep sense of self, and understand what boundaries you need to create that are aligned with your needs
We tune in to the negative self talk you are telling yourself and unlock each with coaching and compassion techniques to help you move forward without boundaries.
We will help you get clearer about what you need from your life, career and relationships and make a bullet proof plan to get you there


Prototype your future
Release your fear of failure by prototyping your life. Understand how you define success and take baby steps towards curiosity and growth to get you where you need to be.


Create an impact that lasts
Who needs your awesomeness and how? We explore your options and make the plan which everyone (including you) is crying out for.
Sounds awesome right?
Here's how it's delivered to you….

​I will give you a workbook that guides you through your initial reflections and exercises then we will have a 2 hour Discovery Session where I start to unpack where you're at and where we need to go.

Afterwards we will have 8 x 1-hour sessions delivered all from the comfort of your own home via Zoom.

What's the investment?

All this for £1300, paid in advance.

Upfront payment gives you that sweaty palm excitement that you have courage and gone all in to take your career wherever it needs to go.


If you are not satisfied with the coaching, you can have a refund for every session not taken.

What are the requirements for those joining the program?

No prerequisites required, only an open mind that is ready and willing to take positive action.


If you’ve read the above and it all sounds like what you're needing right now, click the link to book a free 30minute Chemistry call.

We'll have a chat about what's going on for you right now and how I can support you, no obligations.

Want some help right now FOR FREE? Then download my free download Imposter Syndrome First Aid Essentials and join my mailing list with monthly updates to help make life that little bit easier. 

​Looking forward to hearing from you. 

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