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Imagine that you are a design and engineering business that can hire a diverse group…..They stay and they thrive. The team is empowered, productive and producing innovative solutions not yet explored.

We have a number of services which can help you to attract, retain and create an empowering environment, allowing everyone to succeed.


Educate & Engage

This can be provided in person or online and starts the important discussion about the needs of diversity in business, told from the perspective of a woman's journey as an engineering leader.

We cover several topics and provide actionable solutions from the moment they leave the room.

Each session lasts around one hour and includes time for team members to engage in question and answers.

  • Imposter syndrome and how to combat it

  • Growth mindset

  • Perfectionism

  • Boundaries

  • Burnout

  • Personal values

  • Competitive environments

  • Not being seen or heard

  • Speaking out courageously

  • The power of networking

  • How to become an ally

  • The importance of inclusive environments



Provide further opportunity to dive deeper into subjects relevant for your team by means of a 2 hour or half day workshop.

​Ask for more of what you want

  • Provide clarity for your life, career or relationships using your core values

  • Through a series of exercises, we dive deeper into self awareness to walk away with your 5 core values.

  • With these we help participants to create safe boundaries, make critical decisions and bring clarity to ask for what they need from management and the business.

​Imposter Syndrome First Aid

  • Imposter syndrome is experienced by the vast majority of men AND women, yet hardly anyone discusses it.

  • Learn about the types of imposter syndrome, how they manifest and the best techniques to boost confidence and self esteem reliably and repeatedly.

  • Find out more details here.

Unconscious Bias Coaching

  • Every single one of us has bias and it impacts those around us in our behaviour, choices and systems.

  • Build the awareness of your team and start the conversation about how this can impact those around us.

  • Learn about the key types of bias and what we can do to identify and overcome them in every-day situation.

Building an inclusive environment

  • You cannot simply hire people from underrepresented groups and expect them to thrive, alone. Building a culture which is inclusive requires businesses to dive deep and consider their values, cultures and systems.

  • We dive into the 5 key areas to consider when creating an inclusive environment and provides practical and actionable takeaways to make impactful improvements to support diversity.


Coaching & Mentor
  • Research has proven that mentoring will improve retention, happiness and career progression yet many businesses do not have enough women or people from underrepresented groups at leadership level that mentees can find that connection or sense of belonging.

  • Our mentor has over 15 years of experience in the world of design and engineering, understands the obstacles and challenges of being underrepresented and how the professional development of employees can be deprioritised in busy working environments

  • With 1:1 coaching and mentoring, clients can have the support and space to understand themselves, create a career path which is best suited to their personality and personal values and improve their self-esteem and confidence to ensure long lasting impact and progression for the business.

  • With group coaching, a larger group of employees can be developed together, building strong bonds and trust, improving productivity, company culture and retention overall.

  • Our coach is fully qualified and accredited with the International Coach Federation, and complies with the code of ethics.

  • The duration recommended with the coach is 8 hours minimum to ensure depth of exploration and impactful long-lasting change.


  • Many companies are prioritising the need to improve diversity in their business but not committing to more than lip service. Getting strategic about diversity in engineering and design not only improves innovation but provides business opportunities, improves productivity and profits.

  • Improving diversity is more than simply hiring more people. It requires change and strategy at all levels of the business and requires commitment and accountability to create goals and achieve them.

  • Through guided exercises, our mentor will work with your business to analyse systems, understand biases, create relevant metrics and coach your leadership team to create a healthy and inclusive culture, allowing your team to thrive.

  • Work with the mentor to understand where you are now and which areas need most attention and create a bespoke program.

Are you interested to know more?

All journeys start with a single step forward. Today it is to call to arrange a 30minute chemistry session to discuss what could be of most use to your business and your team.

What's the investment?

Services can be delivered according to your budget, we recommend having a discussion with our team to find the right level for you.

For talks and workshops, the payment will be requested after the service has been completed.

For coaching, partial payment will be requested up front with the rest at the end of the sessions.

What are the requirements?
  • Commitment

  • Curiosity

  • Being open to challenge yourself

  • Courage to push through the hard truths

  • Dedication to diversity

How can I sign up?

If you’ve read the above and it all sounds like what you're needing right now, click the link to book a free 30minute Chemistry call.

We'll have a chat about what's going on for you right now and how I can support you, no obligations.


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