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One year on....

I almost can't believe it... it has been one year since I lost my job, quit the rat race and changed my career.

That calls for a pause and reflection.

This year has taught me where I need to be and what I need to be doing.

It's taught me 'THANK GOD FOR COACHES'

It's taught me that you can't speak butterfly language to caterpillars

It's taught me that it's OK (and essential) to ask for support

It's taught me about how much work is required to start your own business from zero

It's taught me to pay attention to what I am saying yes to (when I'm saying no)

It's taught me about how super annoying Italian bureaucracy is

Its taught me how to listen to my gut and trust it.

It's taught me how brave I can be to do something on my own

It's taught me how to channel myself into something I genuinely believe in and what I hope could make a difference.

It's taught me about what I need and don't need in terms of possessions and basic needs.

It's taught me that it's not about just 'the job'.

It's taught me what it feels like to be in a truly loving and respectful partnership

Its taught me to be really blo*dy humble in taking what life dishes out to you.

And I am still all. F*cking. In.


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