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Imposter Syndrome First Aid


Imagine taking a bold step in your career... without any trace of self-doubt

And now I can't wait to work with you to help you get more of what you really need in life

That's why I created the Imposter Syndrome First Aid Group Course!

  • You take the back seat because you feel like your colleagues know more

  • You say no to promotion opportunities because you don't have all the credentials

  • You make yourself invisible in meetings because you believe your comments might be 'silly'

  • You overprepare for meetings and presentations

  • Feel persistent self doubt

  • You feel alone in your situation, and everyone else around you seems to be thriving

Sound familiar?

I share my own experiences as a sufferer of Imposter Syndrome to help people reconnect with their brilliance, get purposeful in their decisions and take bold steps in the direction they deserve to be.​

Your triggers and type of Imposter Syndrome

How to flip the script on your negative self talk

How to take purposeful steps forward towards positive change

What it takes to elevate your career

In just 4 sessions you could walk away with knowing
Here's how we make it happen


You build awareness of your negative self talk patterns and triggers


We flip the script, learning tools and techniques to change how you speak to yourself


Using Design Thinking principles we create your prototype to make positive change that lasts


We track your successes, collate your learning and set intentions and accountability to elevate your career
Sounds awesome right?
Here's how it's delivered to you….

This program is delivered in 4 x 90 minute group coaching and training sessions with 5 participants. 

Every session will provide background information, tools and techniques. Between sessions there will be an accountability group chat with unlimited support and exercises to complete in your own time. 

What's the investment?

All this for just £700, paid in advance by direct bank transfer or in 3 instalments of £250

Or... can your company sponsor you from your personal development funds?

What are the requirements for those joining the program?

No prior courses or reading is required in advance of this program but a willingness to listen to feedback, accept hard truths and take positive action will give you the best possible outcome. 

Stop typing and take my money already!

If you’ve read the above and it all sounds like what you're needing right now, send me an email to take the next steps. 

Want some help FOR FREE first? Then download my Imposter Syndrome First Aid Essentials and join my mailing list for monthly tips.

Want to go even deeper? Then check out my 6 month program

Isn't it good to have options?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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