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diversity in engineering and design
SharpMinds provides transformational services and practical solutions to build inclusive environments, allowing underrepresented people to succeed in your business.
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To help improve diversity in your team we provide the following services


Need to kickstart the conversation about the importance of diversity in design & engineering? Then book an educate and engage session where our mentor shares her story and experiences as a woman in engineering leadership



Curate a workshop with our mentor about topics which can impact inclusivity, confidence and decision making.



Empower your team reach to their highest potential with an accredited coach & mentor with over 15 years of experience in the product development industry.


What I help you with

Create SMART goals for diversity and stay accountable to them

Increase education and engagement of allyship of women

Take positive action towards an equitable culture

Increase the number of diverse applicants

Understand and overcome biases

Improve team productivity

Increase business opportunities

Improve team retention

Increase team morale and communication

Who I work with

Engineering & Design Small and Medium-sized Enterprises who are looking to attract, retain and empower women talent to their business

Women who are struggling to ask for what they want from their career, life and relationships

Start-ups with a working prototyping who are ready to take their product to production

Click above to book your free 30-minute chemistry call and take positive impact for your business, career or life!

We will start where you are and I will let you know how I can help, with no further obligations.

Hi, I'm Tracy

My mission is to elevate businesses to have the right tools, support and mindset to improve diversity in design and engineering.

Tracy Sharp-14.jpg

From 2004 I worked as a design engineer, focusing on consumer products and domestic appliances, working in small businesses and design consultancies.

​Since then I built and led teams in the UK, China and Italy at national and global level with over 15 years of experience.

Working in non-inclusive environments led to my burnout, leaving me exhausted and unfulfilled. I never had a positive female role model or manager in my entire career, and I knew it would be the same for so many others. I knew that I thought differently and wanted to lead teams with empathy and support.

I changed career and my life in 2021 and now I want to positively impact women at all levels as an accredited coach and mentor.

SharpMinds is your partner to transforming diversity in Design & Engineering Industries.

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What people
are saying...

"Tracy gave a talk and two-part workshop for us at SharkNinja, sharing her experiences as a woman in design engineering and coaching us on identifying and living by our values. The sessions were acutely tuned to the needs of the group and provided invaluable insights to those who attended. Tracy is a very engaging speaker, and we had brilliant feedback from the group, who left feeling inspired and empowered to put what they'd taken from the session into practice

Louise, Mechatronics Engineer, London
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